fuzz_monkies (fuzz_monkies) wrote in bodymodsrus,


Howdeh. Came across, had to join.

Name: Crystal
Age: 16
Location: Texas

That's just basic. As for my percing and tattoo history. I've small amounts of actual percings and no tattoos (for those who live her, it's expressly illegal for a minor to obtain a tattoo, and I refuse to get it in any enviornment less then proffessional). My percing has reached a limit as well, simply for the fact of school and my mother. But I can brefley discribe what I have as of now.

-Left Eyebrow
-Left Ear: 3 studs, 2 cartilage
-Right Ear: 3 studs, 1 industrial

-I'm looking to get some more studs, but, alas, I must go threw my mummy. ^_^
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