white and nerdy (xwasted_y0uthx) wrote in bodymodsrus,
white and nerdy

A question for those of you with sleeves, half-sleeves, etc

I've been thinking up ideas for sleeves so that I can sit on them until I'm 18 (I already have my first 2 tattoos; COMPLETELY LEGAL as I had my parents with me) and until I have more money to get started. Thing is, I'll think of two completely opposite things -- like a very girly sleeve and then a horror sleeve, or a horror sleeve and a sleeve involving a phoenix and so on.
My question is, do you think that sleeves shouldn't completely clash? I don't want sleeves of the same type of things on each arm, but you know what I mean. Or, if I wanted, say.. a girly sleeve with things like candy and Hello Kitty and maybe some other cartoon (esp Disney!) characters, but also wanted a horror sleeve with works from Pushead, different horror movies, maybe even some H.R. Giger, etc; would it be better to maybe "girly" the horror sleeve up a bit if I wanted the other arm to have a girly theme? Modify the pieces so that there's bows on skulls, or maybe zombie girls instead of guys? Of course I'll be bringing it to an artist, once I find one who I feel would be right to do those types of pieces, but any input would be sincerely appreciated :) Thanks so much!
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