Misty (mistyxmassacre) wrote in bodymodsrus,

nipple problems....
under a cut incase you do not are about my nipples lol.

ok so,
ive had both of my nipples pierced for almost 2 years now.
i havent EVER had any problems with them,
they healed well, never got infected or anything
but theres something with my right one,
its alwayys sore
constantly...and thats kind of annoying.
i was wondering if anyone knew what was going on,
or any suggestions.
not bumps, no puss, no redness, just reallly sore
i really dont want to take them out,
because if i took one id have to take the other out[i have a symetry thing]
and i love them.
butttt i dont really feel like dealing with a sore nipple constantly either so yea..
any ideas??
thanks in advanced.
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